By the end of FY 2015/16 the district comprised of 13 Sub counties (including Kamuli Town Council) with 79 Parishes/Wards and 755 villages. Effective FY 2016/17 Kamuli Municipal Council was created comprising of 2 Divisions, 10 wards and 80 cells. This reduced Kamuli district (HLG) to 12 Sub counties, 69 Parishes and 675 villages. However, concurrently Kamuli district created 2 new Sub counties of Kagumba and Magogo and 2 new Parishes of Izanyiro and Matuumu and 18 new villages. This increased the number of Administrative units to 14 Sub counties, 71 parishes and 693 villages. Later 6 new Town Councils were created effective FY 2017/18 and FY 2018/19 creating an additional 10 wards. This increased the number of LC IIIs to 20, LC IIs to 81 and LC Is to 693. When combined with Kamuli Municipal Council the district now comprises of 30 LCIIIs , 91 LCIIs and 773 LCIs.